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12V/24V Piusi Box Portable Diesel Transfer Pump

The Piusi storage box makes it convenient to store and handle and helps to protect the transfer pump from damage. Fuel contamination is also less of a risk due to the container preventing sand, dirt and dust getting in and environmental contamination is less likely as any residue from the nozzle will be contained. This diesel transfer pump is sturdy, portable and efficient.

Basic Version:

  • BP3000 pump with 3/4" BSP inlet and outlet
  • Flow rates of up to 45 l/min
  • 4m diesel delivery/suction hose
  • 2m cable & battery clips
  • Self 2000 manual nozzle
  • Vantage Foot Valve

Pro Version:

Same as the basic version but with the following additions:
  • 6m diesel delivery/suction hose instead of 4m
  • 10 micron particle filter with a spare cartridge
  • Gloves

Piusi Box Specification Sheet