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2700 litre Balmoral Home Rainwater Harvest System

Capacity: 2728 litres
Dimensions: 1860mm (Diameter) x 2515mm (Height)

The Balmoral Home-Harvest Rainwater System creates a new standard of quality and performance in domestic rainwater harvesting. High impact strength at low temperatures make this tank tough and durable. Rotationally moulded using a single piece of polyethylene means this tank has no joins, so it is leak proof and being lightweight makes it easy to handle. It is corrosion resistant and UV protected giving it a long life with low maintenance requirments.

A Balmoral rainwater harvesting system can help save up to 50% of your metered water costs, by recycling your rainwater. Meters are provided free of charge from most water companies so the sooner you fit a Balmoral system the sooner you start saving.
The rainwater harvesting system provides high-quality, non-potable rainwater for various household requirements such as flushing the toilet, using your washing machine, garden irrigation and washing your vehicle.

Installation and operating instructions

To see more information on the Balmoral Garden-Harvest Rainwater System please click the link below

[1.167523Rainwater-brochure.pdf click here to view file attachment]