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45EB Bunded Diesel Tank

EnviroBulka 45EB

Dimensions: 3100mm (L) x 1200mm (W) x 2030mm (H) Weight: 1030kg
Capacity: 4200 litres

  • 2" Lockable fill point
  • 2" Vent cap
  • 3" auxiliary fill point
  • 1 x 1" Generator feed
  • 2 x 1" Return ports
  • " Breather vent
  • 1" Pump feed
  • Gauge
  • 2 x 1" Ports (for any additional equipment)
  • Security ensured with robust steel construction and environmental requirements ensured with the 110% weatherproof bund
  • Pump, nozzle, hoses, generator feed and return connections can all housed within the secure lockable bund compartment, which has an opening for the feed and return hoses meaning the connections are kept safe during use
  • Lockable manhole access
  • Fitted with lifting eyes and forklift access for ease of handling
  • Anti-siphon valve fitted to prevent fuel being stolen from the fuel feeds
  • Top outlet to ensure minimal leakage from any accidental damage that may occur to the tank with suction pipe to remove any liquid in bund
  • This model is UN approved