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Locking Vent Cap For Oil Tanks

The Vent Cap is placed into the upstand secured to the tank, using the supplied grub screw, followed by a shear screw. The shear screw is designed to break away from the vent when fully tightened, leaving a flat, clean surface which makes it difficult for thieves to use as a lever point to gain access to the tank.

Every Locking Vent Cap is supplied complete with:

* Weatherproof Vent Cover
* Grub Screw
* Shear Bolt
* Fitting Instructions


Suitable for use with any tank incorporating a vent with a 2" male upstand e.g. Harlequin Single Skin Oil Tanks.

Please note this product is unsuitable for use with tanks incorporating surface mounted vents e.g. most Bunded Tanks and most Titan Single Skin Heating Oil Tanks.

[1.916683VentCapFittingInstructions2013.pdf click here to view file attachment]