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PW5400VT Potable Water Tank

These Potable Water Tanks have been tested and approved by WRAS and are fit to store water for human consumption in. They are manufactured from a specially approved grade of polymer.

Features of the tank are:

  • 2" fitting
  • Isolation valve (suitable for 1" and 2" outlets)
  • 400mm Manhole access lid
  • Filter basket
  • Byelaw 30 kit (screened tank vent and overflow)

2020mm (Dia) x 1920mm (H)
Weight - 150 kg
Brimful Capacity - 5307 litres* 4" Inspection Access complete with Plastic Screw Cap
* Manhole Access
* Filter Basket
* Screened Vent
* 2" Outlet
* Tank Connection Pack

Diameter: 2020 mm
Height: 1920 mm
Weight: 150 kg
Capacity: 5307 Litres